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the seven CHAKRAS

One particular highlight is our new chakra program, which complements our concept of health and recreation in the spa area. The state of the chakra influences the associated organs as well as emotions, psyche and character. Learn more about the seven main chakras on the following pages and let our team help you to identify deficits and overcome blocks and dysfunctions.



The personal as well as the general needs of life and survival on earth, such as security, survival, trust, your relationship to money, fall into the sphere of the root chakra. When the root chakra is open, you are full of vitality, confidence, stability and inner strength. A disharmony in the functions of parts of the body, controlled by this chakra, point to tensions in those parts of a person's consciousness that are connected to this chakra. These tensions are reflected in a feeling of insecurity. More tensions provoke a feeling of fear. Even more tensions lead to a strong feeling of anxiety.

FRAGRANCE: cedarwood & clove
STONE: agate
YOGA: Hatha & Kundalini
EXERCISE: deep squad



When the sacral chakra is open and functioning harmoniously, our life and our feelings are in a steady, natural flow. It relates to communication and inner spirit; with the things, your body likes and needs and that make you happy. The ability to have children is also connected with this chakra. When it is not functioning in harmony, the roots are often to be found in puberty, for example when parents and teachers were not able to properly convey how to deal with the awakening sexual desire and how to handle this energy. The second chakra is the center of natural emotions, sexual energy and creativity.

FRAGRANCE: ylang ylang & sandalwood
STONE: carnelian
YOGA: tantra
EXCERCISE: Crocodile



The solar plexus chakra is the center of our personality and a conscious way of living, of influence and power. In it, the vital urges and desires of the lower chakras are processed and transformed and feelings and experiences are integrated in your entire personality. We are experiencing warmth, strength and wealth, harmony with ourselves and life when this chakra is working in harmony. The task of the solar plexus chakra is the development of your personality, the processing of feelings and experiences, the development of your being, influence and power, strength and wealth and wisdom, that grows from experience.

 FRAGRANCE: lavender & lemon
STONE: citrine
YOGA: karma



The heart chakra is the center of affection, dedication and healing. When the heart chakra is balanced, our perception of beauty and harmony in nature and arts opens up, we are able to feel a deep sense of joy, compassion and unconditional love.

FRAGRANCE: rose & lavender
STONE: rose quartz
YOGA: bhakti
EXERCISE: fish pose



The throat chakra is the center of communication, creative self-expression, self-determination and independency. When the throat chakra is fully open, feelings, emotions and inner knowledge are expressed openly without fear. You are able to show both, weaknesses and strengths. If the throat chakra is unbalanced, you cannot accept your life and emotions. This is often compensated with distrust. The world is regarded as a hostile place. You are cautious and have negative expectations of the future. You are more likely to expect hostility, violence or humiliation instead of love and nurture.

FRAGRANCE: eucalyptus/ peppermint & pine
STONE: aquamarine
YOGA: mantra
EXCERCISE: lion pose



The brow chakra is the center of awareness. It is the heart of mind and spirit, as well as projection of wishes. If it is unbalanced, the person has great difficulties in implementing his or her own ideas. This can be especially disappointing, when the front center is open and the back center is closed. You have many creative ideas, but nothing ever comes from it. Predominately, you find implausible excuses for it and blame the outside world.

STONE: sodalite
YOGA: jnana & jantra
EXERCISE: child pose



The crown chakra is the connection to unity, the universe and your soul plan. You "know" that things are true without understanding why. You are not worried and understand that all experiences have a purpose, no matter how painful they can be. You trust your inner guidance.

STONE: rock chrystal
YOGA: meditation/lotus seat/Anjali Mudra
EXERCISE: headstand