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Cycling Mountain Biking Hotel Bavaria


Leave your car at home from time to time and discover this vacation area in a totally different and healthy way.

The Rhön Cycle Route, for example, takes you on a flat course along the river valleys into the impressive hilltops of the Thuringian, Hessian and Bavarian Rhön.

The Rhön has long since made a name for itself as a hiking region in the heart of Germany. On the Rhön Cycle Route, cycling tourists can travel the low mountain range on the 180 kilometers between Bad Salzungen in Thuringia and Hammelburg in Bavaria, the route leads also through Hesse and thus becomes a multi-country natural and cycling experience. The region is characterized by extensive pastures for cattle and the Rhön sheep, dense beech forests, the Long Rhön with its plateaus, moors and mountain pastures and natural forests.

Although the word Rhön rightly calls for middle mountain terrain, less fit cyclists need not be deterred. For most of its course, the Rhön Cycle Route runs flat through the valleys of the rivers Werra, Ulster, Brend and the Franconian Saale. Only when crossing the Long Rhön you will have to pedal harder - on a route of six kilometers, 250 height meters have to be conquered.


For recreation, a visit to one of the wellness spots on the route can be recommended, since the Rhön Cycle Route connects the spa towns of Bad Salzungen, Bad Neustadt, Bad Bocklet and Bad Kissingen. For further and even more detailed information on cycling in the Rhön, the cycle route "From the Main to the Rhön" and, of course, the Rhön Cycle Route please visit:.

On the long-distance cycle route "From the Main to the Rhön" the paths, that are specially signposted as cycle routes and lead through the valleys, call for an unhurried cycling tour. On 25 information boards along the route, you can get information on your lap, the towns and touristic offers. You can also rent a bicycle for a fee of EUR 7, - per day in our hotel.

The cycle route Franconian Saale for example, and further information on the "Bavarian cycling network" can be found here..