There are only a handful of centers in Germany that offer authentic qualified Ayurveda as we do. It is therefore a pleasure for us, as a special highlight together with our partner, the family Madukkakuzhy from Kerala in South India, to offer traditional Ayurveda in our house under the guidance of our Indian chief medical doctor Rehela Anandni and Dr. Dona Fancis and six gracious qualified specialist therapists from the country of origin. We treat 363 days a year and only here with us, the recovery process is checked daily by our German speaking ayurvedic doctor, the treatments are adapted to your individual body type, daily a full-body treatment of one hour and a partial body treatment of 30 minutes and daily yoga as well as twice a week mediation offered. Ayurveda is the traditional medicine system in India and is particularly suitable for the prophylaxis and treatment of chronic diseases such as exhaustion, burnout and all stress related disorders rheumatism, diabetes, psoriasis, migraine and other pain syndromes such as fibromyalgia etc. Our specially trained cooks conjure up daily in adjustment with the chief physician delicious Ayurvedic dishes. The arrival and start is possible at any time, the duration can be arranged individually. The offered packages are to be regarded as suggestions. Private health insured receive on request for a fee an invoice in context to the German medical fees ordinance (GOÄ).