There are almost unlimited hiking possibilities and destinations in and around Bad Bocklet. Following the course of the Franconian Saale, up on the mountaintops of the front Rhön or through the forests and fields.

It is said, that those with whom he is pleased, God sends them to Bad Bocklet. This is how you could rephrase this old German hiking song, when hiking on the 70 kilometers of very well developed hiking trails around Bad Bocklet. A large cure park with a beautiful, well-kept garden, fountains and sculptures, one of the most beautiful miniature golf courses in Germany and an excellent reputation among spa guests characterize Bad Bocklet. The Biedermeierbad offers visitors at first rest and relaxation. Built in the 19th century, these historic cure facilities, still make up the special charm of the small market town. From here, hikers can start their tours, which will take them back to the starting point in Bad Bocklet on excellently signposted trails.



With the guest card you can travel to all spa towns by bus free of charge from May to October. Even if you want to get further away from the hotel during a bicycle tour or want to start from one of the other bathing towns, you can comfortably use the spa bus. 

Timetables, the route network and the route of the spa bus can be found here:




Franconia is known for its wayside shrines in the fields, meadows and villages. In the market Bad Bocklet, especially in the district Aschach, the Heimat- und Wanderverein has taken care of this traditional and worth preserving culture. The association would like to draw attention to this tradition with a wayside shrine hiking trail.

Grosse Runde

When walking the "Grosse Runde", the interested hiker will pass by all the monuments set up in the districts. This round, with a total length of about 16 km, takes the form of an eight with an intersection at the fountain in Aschach and can therefore easily be divided into two stages.

In the first part, we remain largely in a free field, whereby the scenic beauty of this section of the route is particularly noteworthy.

In the second part of the round the hiker stays mainly in the two villages, apart from the route south around the Altenberg... The round starts in Aschach in the former castle of the Henneberger. This beautiful castle is actually worth a day trip on its own!


In the district of Aschach a nature trail of a special kind was created on the former area of the birdwatching trail.

Approx. 1.5 km from the outskirts of Aschach this trail is located in the middle of nature.

Among other things, tree loungers, 
a resting place and the refuge invite you to linger.

An interesting circular trail of about 2.3 km length through a varied piece of nature on the edge of the Bavarian Rhön Nature Park. Young and old can experience a lot of new things between ecology and education in the midst of beautiful nature. 

For children the nature trail offers a play area with adventure path, sound game, barefoot path, a climbing spider and the long jump of the animals. Besides there are showcases with nests of the cave breeders and inhabitants of the nesting caves. Also works of art made of wood can be admired. The way there is signposted. Coming from Bad Bocklet via the intersection of state road 2292, then second road (Alte Leite) right, parking approx. 100 m before the nature trail.


The health sport for everybody. In Bad Bocklet, the e.on Bayern Nordic Walking Centre was opened in 2005 in addition to the extensive health and leisure facilities. Three routes certified by the German Ski Association are available for guests in Bad Bocklet. These have different degrees of difficulty, so that everybody - from child to senior - can choose their optimal route.

Exercise is the prerequisite for a healthy lifestyle, for physical and mental resilience as well as for mental well-being and thus the perfect complement to your wellness weekend in Bavaria. This new form of movement combines active walking with special poles that involve the entire upper body in the movement. This enables a gentle, yet effective whole body workout. It is the ideal outdoor sport for every season of the year, which everyone can take advantage of, regardless of age, gender, previous sporting training or local circumstances. 

It has a positive effect on the entire organism and thus on the entire state of health.