Almost one century ago, Margarete and Gregor Kunzmann opened a cozy, little guest house in Bad Bocklet: To them each of their 16 guests - that was the number of beds in the opening year 1926 - was like a family member: Someone you care for, whose wishes you read from their eyes and wellbeing is dear to your heart.

This remained unchanged, when Alfred Kunzmann and his wife expanded the guest house in 1954 and when their sons Kurt and Dieter Kunzmann joined the family business in 1971 - entirely in line with the family philosophy. Together they developed new ideas and put them into practice: In 1977, the house was demolished, a year later a modern building, including an indoor pool and a modern bathing department, was ceremoniously reopened.

The fact that the great-grandson Gregor entered the Kunzmann's Hotel in the fourth generation in 2010 came almost naturally.
Since 2020 his wife Carolin Kunzmann has also been actively by his side.